This websites exists for students, parents, and other educators in the field of science. I am an aspiring high school science teacher with a B.S. in Human Physiology and working on my M.Ed in secondary education. This website serves several purposes:

  • Syllabus’ for every class
  • Reading, homework, and test schedules
  • Homework assignments
  • Additional resources

I encourage parents to take a look at the syllabus and the schedule of events. Students will also have the opportunity to print out their homework assignments if forgotten at the school. Additionally, I have included resources under each subject that can be used by the student for enhanced learning.


Our success in higher education, in the workforce, and as members of society is a reflection of our growth and development shaped by the schools we attended and the teachers we had as role models.

The purpose of the school:

  • Provide an atmosphere that encourages personal growth and stimulates learning through a set curriculum
  • Provide services to students at all levels of learning, whether they are behind or ahead of the average
  • Build students’ interpersonal skills and morals

The purpose of the teacher:

  • An example to our youth of what a successful member of society looks like
  • Provide safe and caring classrooms while stimulating students’ motivation and eagerness to learn more
  • Be enthusiastic and passionate about the material they teach
  • Provide a structured classroom, which effectively communicates expectations
  • Create an environment where students can flourish and be creative learners

I strive for the student to come to school every day, thankful and eager to learn. I expect students to be active learners and participate in group activities that will further develop their social and collaborative skills.

I hope student’s will discover their passions be being open to new ideas, activities, and people.

Diversity will be celebrated and shared with every single student. Opening students’ minds to different cultures, lifestyles, and beliefs not only benefits the students, but it benefits the world.