PhET Simulations

Hello Class,

For almost every unit, there will be an accompanying list of PhET Simulations created by scientists at the University of Colorado – Boulder. Below I have provided instructions on how to use this application. Under each unit I will name the simulations that go along with the unit. This is a great way to see chemistry in action and will help with visualization of chemical processes and concepts.

Here is a screencast on how you can access these simulations and use the website:

Directions discussed in video:

  • For each unit, there will be a list of PhET Simulations at the bottom of the “additional resources”
  • You can click on specific simulations, or you can go to the PhET Wesbite directly
  • If you are going to the main website, click on “Play with Simulations”
  • You can then select your simulation by either searching through “chemistry” or by “grade level – high school”
  • Depending on the unit, you will go through a variety of simulations

Although many of these simulations will be used in class, you can also download them on your computer at home. It is a great way to review material to gain a better understanding and to also practice building molecules, atoms, mixing solutions, doing acid/base titrations, etc.

If you are having trouble viewing a specific simulation, please contact me so we can figure out whether it is a program issue or if you do not have the right software downloaded on your computer. I encourage you to use these simulations throughout the year to gain a better understanding of complex chemistry concepts. Additionally, as you will see you can view simulations under physics, Earth science, biology and math, which will be useful for future classes. If you plan on pursuing a science degree at the college level, I recommend bookmarking the PhET website as it will be useful for college classes as well.





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